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Transfer Augers

The versatile 10" transfer auger comes with a choice of Petrol Motor or Hydraulic drive and featurers a low profile hopper that fits under the lowest silos.

The 9" Poly Hydraulic Drive Transfer Auger is a light weight 55 kg and at 2.6 meters long it is easily transportable. Available in Hydraulic Drive only.

Grain Transfer Augers for Sale 

Quality Grain Transfer Augers for Sale

If you want to remove the challenge of moving grain from A to B, you should browse our extensive range of grain transfer augers for sale in Australia. Below, we explain how you can benefit from investing our equipment and detail some top tips to help you choose the right solution.

The Importance of Grain Transfer Augers for Sale

Here’s why our augers are essential items of equipment for most farmers in Australia: 

  • Make the transportation of grain straightforward: Do you struggle to load grain onto trucks or silos efficiently? Our high-quality augers remove the challenging of transporting your grain from A to B.
  • Avoid delays and setbacks: Most of our Swingaway augers feature steel trussing to prevent bowing and maximise strength, ensuring problems won’t put your farming operations on hold.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Grain Transfer Augers for Sale

Avoid making the following mistakes when deciding which auger to purchase: 

  • Choosing the wrong size: Augers are available in a range of lengths and barrel sizes, with some of our best solutions being able to move up to ten tonnes of grain per minute. Make sure you select the most suitable option for your unique requirements.
  • Attempting to save money by purchasing low-grade products: The last thing you want is to buy equipment that will need replacing in the space of a few years. If you want to save money in the long run, we recommend investing in quality solutions that can last a lifetime.

Why Trust Wheatheart Regarding Grain Transfer Augers for Sale

At Wheatheart, we’ve been manufacturing augers in Canada since 1973. Due to the demand for our solutions, we started importing them into Australia in 1994, and we now have over two dozen retailers in Queensland and New South Wales. Learn more about our products by calling us today.

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