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X10 Swingaway Augers

The Wheatheart X10 Series Swingaway Augers feature a 10 inch barrell and a scissor lift under carriage. A low profile, dual flight, self levelling hopper and large tapered boot all help the X10 to achieve up to 170 tonnes per minute.

The X10 is available in 63 and 73 foot models


Low Profile Dual Flight Hopper

All X10 Swingaway Augers come with a dual flight, self leveling, low profile hopper.


Wear Edge Flighting

Continuous 10 guage steel welded to all flighting edges at critical grain transfer points including, hopper, boot and incline flight.


Scissor Lift Frame

A scissor lift frame with cross members maximises silo reach and reduces swaying.

Also Available from Wheatheart


For more information contact your Local Wheatheart Dealer or call 1800 945 069